Photographic World

Prototype - Art & Design Not Final

In Photographic World, you are wildlife photographers. Your job is to travel the world, capturing exceptional photos of animals in their natural habitats. Every unique photo you take increases your fame and renown. Travel to the ocean to capture the best photograph of the great white shark. Head over to Australia to snap a fantastic photo of a kangaroo and her joey. Continue on to Asia to see a royal Bengal tiger. Will you become the Wildlife Photographer of the Year? 

Photographic World is for 2-5 players ages 6 and up. It takes about 45 minutes to play. Great effort has been taken to make this game fun and engaging for both readers and non-readers alike. Having an adult or older sibling around to read the animal, ocean, and continent names as well as the facts on the bonus class cards would be very beneficial, educationally, but the child who cannot yet read should be able to play the game itself without help.

Photographic World incorporates science, social studies, and math into the game. The children are learning about different animals, where they live, and how to classify them. They are also learning to identify the major oceans and continents. Additionally, they get to practice addition as they calculate their scores at the end of the game.

Photographic World will be on Kickstarter later this year. This will allow you to back the project (essentially, pre-order it,) which will give me the funds needed to manufacture the game. Once manufactured, it will be sent to every person who backed it. To receive a notification when Photographic World goes live on Kickstarter, please submit your email address in the orange box below. Thank you for your support in making this game a reality!

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