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Animo is a biblically-themed trading card game for 1-4 players ages 6+. It takes 30 minutes to play. I absolutely love what this company has created and am so excited to tell you about it today! You do not have to collect cards to make your own deck, though you certainly can. The Stagnetic deck and the Draylight deck are both complete and well-tested strategy decks that the company has put together. Just buy one of these decks and you can immediately start playing against somebody else who has one of these decks.

Now, let me tell you why I have completely fallen in love with this game: it encourages the application of Psalm 119:11, "Thy Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee.", gameschooling style! It also gives you a more tangible and visual way to see how sin and the attacks of the enemy can be defeated in our daily lives!

Educational Value


  • Scripture Memorization

Life Skills

  • Learn how to respond to and overcome sin and attacks/stumbling blocks from the Enemy.

  • Learn where our strength and power comes from.

Let's Play!

In Animo, you are Truth Seekers. There are many different Truth Seekers to pick from and they all have various abilities. The Draylight and Stagnetic decks each come with a double-sided truth seeker card so you get two options, but can buy more if you want to be a different character.

There are two kinds of animo: sinnies and virtuous. The Sinnies are the bad guys; they represent sin. These are who you are battling against. Each one has a weakness. If you have the card listed as the Sinnie's weakness, and can recite the verse from memory, you automatically defeat it.

The Virtuous are the good guys. Each one has a bible verse on it, pertaining to the character. If you can recite the verse from memory when you play them, your Animo become stronger. This encourages the players to want to commit the Word of God to memory.

To activate your virtuous animo, you will need to have power cards in play. They are Prayer, Fasting, Faith, Holy Spirit, Love, and Hope. The types of power you need are indicated on the virtuous animo you are trying to play. Each pre-made deck comes with multiple copies of 3 types of power.

Additional cards in the deck include Story Cards, Equipment, and Hinderances. To win the game, you have to defeat 6 Sinnies or acquire 60 points. Feel free to carry these cards around with you and work on memorizing them. They will give you an advantage in the game and in life!

Where to Purchase

To purchase Animo, head on over their website. Rememer, the Draylight and Stagnetic decks from the 2nd series contain everything needed for a single player. Get one for each player. Additionally, you can purchase booster packs to customize your deck, or you can buy other fun Animo-related items.

There is also a solo mode that you can get. It is called Search My Heart - Solo Campaign and it's a wonderful way to play Animo and learn your verses on your own, when others are not available to play. I would highly recommend it.

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