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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Codermarz is a fun way to introduce coding to kids without them having to be on a computer or reading through a textbook. The Mars theme does a good job at capturing their interest. The goal is to collect all your supplies (oxygen, water, food, and minerals in Level 3) and get them back to your base. The trick is that you don't know where the tokens you need are located, so you have to go looking for them. But be careful, run into a Volcano and the eruption will send you all the way back to your start space! The kids enjoyed playing this today!

There are 2 difficulty modes you can choose from: basic or advanced. In basic mode, you will only be using the orange code cards. In advanced mode, you will be using both the orange and the green code cards. On your turn, roll the die and pick that many cards, placing them face-up in front of you. Arrange them in the order you would like to play them and then carry out the code written on each card, in order. It is helpful to sit on the side of the table facing your base, so that you don't have to think about which way is right, left, forward, or backward for your astronaut. If you have 4 players, I recommend a square table.

Once you master Level 1, you can move onto Level 2, which introduces the Defuse, Peek, and Shuffle cards. You may only use each card once. Peek is used to peek at 2 tokens on the board. This is your turn, you do not roll the die. Shuffle is used to move some of the tokens on the board. Again, this is your whole turn. Defuse is used the first time you run into a volcano. It allows you to relocate the volcano token before it erupts. Each card has a different fun fact about Mars on it. To maximize the educational value of this game, I suggest you have the players read the fun fact written on their cards when they use them.

Level 3 adds the mineral tokens. Each player will get one location card at the beginning of the game. Each location card shows two locations with information about each. Place one of your minerals on each spot indicated on your location card. I would suggest the information on these cards be read as the mineral at each location is collected during the game.

The geek in me is thrilled that my kids will be reading bits of actual code while playing Codermarz. I love this aspect of the game!

Think your kids will love Codermarz too? You can purchase it on Amazon! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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