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Continent Race

Updated: Jan 3

In Continent Race, players race to visit four countries in each of three different continents. Each player starts with a hand of 7 cards. On your turn draw one and discard one. If you have four country cards of the same color, you can then lay them down in front of you, locating each one on the map.

Each color represents a different continent. In addition to the world map, there is a separate board for each continent if you need to see them closer. After playing your four cards, draw back up to a hand of 7. Play continues around the table until one player has successfully laid down cards for 3 different continents.

I love using Continent Race for world geography, especially with my younger students. The game play is simple enough that children can play and be exposed to world geography at an early age.

Continent Race also includes advanced levels of play, to continue to challenge you and improve your geographic knowledge of the world. There are challenge cards, mystery cards, and more difficult win requirements. Additionally, each country card shows the countries flag and its capital.

Not sure how to pronounce all the country names? Not to worry! Just head on over to the Byron's Games website to review the phonetic pronunciations of every country in the game. I would highly recommend Continent Race for Kindergarten all the way up through High School. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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