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Create A Story Cards

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Create A Story Cards by eeBoo are a fantastic tool to have on your shelf for language arts! The wonderfully illustrated pictures on these cards encourage kids to tap into their imaginations and work on their story-telling skills. This is a fun game that kids want to play.

You can play by yourself or with others. My game school kids love Create A Story cards. I hand them each 3 cards and select a child to start our story. He or she selects a card and lays it in the middle of the table and then tells the group how the story begins. Play goes around the table with each child adding one card to the middle of the table and continuing the story until the last card is played. Then I recap what happened in our story. They almost always ask to play again as soon as we've finished!

I own the Mystery in the Forest themed deck, Additional themes include Animal Village, Volcano Island, and Fairy Tale Mix-Up. Grab your favorite theme, or purchase a variety of decks to mix things up. You can find them on Amazon.

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