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Crossed Words

In Crossed Words, you are trying to think of unique words for 9 different categories. Think quickly, because once someone has finished all 9 words, you only have 5 more seconds to get your words in before time is up and scoring begins.

Crossed Words is great for language arts. In addition to having to think of words, there is writing involved. This is a good one for hesitant writers. They focus more on the gameplay than the chore of writing.

I would recommend going through and pointing to each spot and stating what kind of word/phrase needs to go there before starting the game (and during the game as well if someone is struggling with the grid concept). Going from left to right, the first row in the above photo is movie titles that start with D, things that are scary that start with a D, and vacation spots that start with a D. Second row is movie titles that are also websites, things that are scary that are also websites, and vacation spots that are also websites. The word or phrase has to satisfy both things in some way.

During scoring, duplicate anwers are worth nothing. Only unique answers score points, and only if they pertain to both categories. If anyone objects, let the writer give a defense and put it up for a vote. Each acceptable answer is worth one point. Play until somebody gets 7 or more points and then whomever has the highest score wins. You can purchase Crossed Words on Amazon.

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