• Julie

Dr. Eureka

Dr. Eureka is a game that works on logic, processing speeds, and hand-eye coordination (under pressure). My gameschool kids absolutey loved this one!

You have 3 test tubes with a total of 6 balls (molecules): 2 red, 2 green, and 2 purple. A formula card is revealed and you then have to race to be the first one to mix your molecules in the specified way, as shown on the card. The trick is you cannot touch or drop any of the molecules. What order do you need to transfer the molecules from test tube to test tube to match the formula card?

The rules are pretty straight forward on this one. It's the execution that can be tricky. You'll soon get the hang of it though and get better and better the more you play. Can you handle the pressure? You can buy Dr. Eureka from the Blue Orange Games website.

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