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Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz is a fast paced card game for ages 8+. It is a 4 player game and each person will receive their own deck. There is an expansion available that adds four more decks, allowing for a total of 8 people to play. The benefits for gameschooling include sequencing 1 up to 10 (and potentially 10 down to 1). Sounds simple enough, but you have to do it fast and based on color as well. Thus, this game is also great for increasing processing speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.

To set up, each player will shuffle thier own deck and then place 10 cards face up in a pile. This is their Blitz pile. The round ends as soon as someone empties that pile and yells, "Blitz!" Then, put 3 cards out next to it. These cards help you get rid of your blitz pile. If you play one of those cards to the middle, then you get to replace it with a card from your blitz pile. You can also stack cards there (more about that can be found in the rules. I would suggest playing the first few rounds without this feature.) The rest of the cards go in a face-down deck. These are utilized solitaire style. Count out three cards, flip them over, and use the top card of what you just revealed if you are able. If you can play it, the one under it becomes available. This process continues, flip 3, play if you can, flip 3, etc. Once the deck is depleted flip all the cards back over and start again.

So how do you play cards out in the middle? If you have a "1", you put it out immediately to start a new pile. Otherwise, you build up on the piles that are already out there. If there is a blue "3", you can play a blue "4" on it. If there is a red "3", then it would require a red "4". If you place a "10" on a "9", place it face-down to indicate that the stack is complete. Every card you manage to play in the middle is worth one point. Every card left in your blitz pile at the end of the round is negative two points. When the round ends, the cards in the middle are all collected and sorted based on the image on the back of the cards. Players then count up the points they got and subtract any negative points from their blitz pile to get their final score. You will need a pen and paper to keep a running tally of your score.

Interested in grabbing a copy of Dutch Blitz? To purchase it online or locate a store near you that carries it, head on over to the Dutch Blitz website. I know that the Barnes and Noble and the Mardel near me both carry this great card game. It's one of my favorites!

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