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First Orchard

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

First Orchard is a beautifully crafted game by HABA that is geared towards toddlers. The pieces are all the perfect size for little hands and big enough to not be choking hazards. In this game, players take turns rolling the die and collecting fruit from the orchard. If you roll a yellow, collect a yellow pear and put it in the basket. Roll a basket, and pick any fruit you like. But be careful, if you roll a Raven, the Raven moves one step forward on the path. Collect all the fruit before the Raven gets to the Orchard and you win!

First Orchard is wonderful for teaching young children how to follow rules and take turns while allowing them to practice color recognition. My daughter loves rolling the chunky die, picking the fruit, and even moving the Raven. If the Raven beats us, I enjoy pretending like it's eating all the fruit left on our trees, often resulting in much laughter. This game is a lot of fun! Two thumbs up from us! :D

You can purchase this beautiful game on the HABA website or from Rainbow Resource Center.

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