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Jungle Run

Jungle Run is a fun family game for 1-4 players. It does not have a lot of educational value. However, you can use it as a fun themed game to go along with a unit on the Amazon rainforest. Family games are also great for strengthening relationships and opening up a safe space for conversation that you may not have had otherwise.

There are three phases to your turn. First, is the action phase. You get to spend 2 actions. Taking a Peril card costs both of your actions. These cards hinder other players. Taking a resource card costs one action and peeking at the bottom card of one of the 4 large stacks costs one action. Resource cards give you special benefits to aid you in winning the game.

Next is the main phase. You can either collect common cards (tiger, toucan, or hippo) or roll the dice for a card. You may not do both unless you have a Rhino Run card (from the Resource deck). If a card says "Trade 3 for Peril" it is a common card. Collect all face up common cards on one type. For example, if there are two toucan cards showing, you can take both of them. If they have a symbol in the upper lefthand corner, you also gain what is shown there. If a card says "Roll" and has dice shown under it, you can roll the dice to try and win that card. You get to roll the dice twice, setting any number of dice aside after the first roll before rolling again.

Finally, you have the defense phase. Here you can play Peril cards against your opponents. You can also trade in 3 matching common cards for a peril card at any point during your turn. The first player to reach a certain number of points wins. For 1-2 player games, it takes 9 points to win. For 3 player games, it takes 7 points to win. If playing with 4 players, it only takes 6 points to win.

Head on over to Buddy Pal Games to purchase Jungle Run today. Have fun playing together!

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