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Just One

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Just One is a party game where you give one word clues to help another player guess their word. The catch? If you write the same word as someone else, the active player doesn't get to see that word at all!

This game is way more fun that I anticipated it would be! It is great for both gameschooling, and for get-togethers. It can play up to 7 people and the rules are super simple. Everyone will love playing it!

The educational value of Just One lies in the word play. It requires you to think about all the different ways you could describe a word. To maximise educational value, I suggest letting the people writing the clues have access to both a dictionary and a thesaurus. This helps with expanding vocabulary and recognizing synonyms and word associations. Just One also gives practice with writing and spelling. Additionally, the active player will have to look at all the clues they are given and figure out how they are all related to come up with what their word is. You only get one guess. That's right, just one!

A quick note regarding the rules: The rules state that you start with a stack of 13 cards, I believe, and if you guess the word on your card wrong, you are to put both your card and an additional card back in the box. When using this game for school, I would only put the card you got wrong back, not the additional card.

In the above example, the active player chose number 4. The other four players look at number 4 and see that the word is Diamond. They each write a word to help the active player guess it. Then they compare answers. Uh oh! Two players wrote "ring", so the active player doesn't get that clue. With just "valuable" and "engaged" left, will he be able to guess "Diamond?" The remaining clues are revealed and the active player gets one guess.

Just One is a cooperative game. How many words can you work together to get correct? Order a copy from Amazon and find out.

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