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Lion In My Way

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Lion In My Way is a problem-solving game. You have a number of obstacles you have to work through to make it home. The journey you must take can be as long or as short as you'd like it to be. Every player gets dealt some cards. These are the items in your "backpack". I like to stick with 4 cards per person, as any more than that seems to offer too many choices.

Each player picks one of their cards and places it next to the current obstacle, describing how they will use that item to get across. Once everyone has shared, you all talk about the choices and agree on the one you are going to use. You can also combine items together to make a new way to get across, using multiple player's cards. In this example, candy was used to get past the toll booth, and we are now trying to decide how to get across the lava. Will we use a bridge and just walk across? Row through it in our bathtub boat? Design a super pogo stick to jump across? Or float across on our giant cube of ice?

We love this game in my game school classes. There is a lot of laughter as the kids look at their cards and present their ideas! Lion in My Way encourages imagination, improves public speaking and story-telling skills, encourages cooperation, teaches you how to work as a team, and improves problem-solving skills. I love games that are so great for stealth learning! The kids have no idea they are gaining so many valuable life skills while playing this game! I highly recommend it! You can purchase this fantastic game here.

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