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Magic Money

Magic Money is a simple game that is great for some quick math practice. Players are bidding on creatures that are worth varying amounts of points. Each creature also has bonuses and abilities. Everyone has an infiniate amount of money to work with, but there's a catch: the greediest player, the one who bid the most total money during the game, will be eliminated at the end of the game. Thus, you must bid wisely.

I love the amount of math and social deduction required to play Magic Money. I also love that the majority of the creatures are so cute with adorable names. (I did remove one creature from my copy of the game. Doing so will not affect gameplay at all, as you do not use all the creatures every game.)

Every turn, there is an active player. This player's bid is predetermined by the previous bid and is available for all to see, though the very first active player can bid anything they want. Their bid is written on the Public Ledger side of their board. Everyone else then bids privately, by writing their bid on the smaller envelope boards and handing them, face down, to the active player. The active player then looks at all the bids and reveals the largest bid (taking their own bid into account.)

The player who bid the highest writes their bid on the Public Ledger side of their board and becomes the new active player. They also take the creature they purchased and place it in front of them, carrying out the written ability, if any, immediately. All other players write the amount they bid on the Private Ledger side of their boards. The new active player then starts the next auction. Their starting bid is 10% of the previous winning bid. Only whole numbers are used, no decimals.

The game ends when all the creatures have been purchased. Players calculate their score by adding all the points on their creatures and adding in the extra points gained through the creatures' bonuses. Once all players have calculated their scores, they must then calculate how much they bid during the game by adding up all the numbers on the public and private sides of their ledger boards. The player who bid the most is eliminated. Of the players who are left, the player who had gained the most points from their creatures is the winner.

Magic Money is a fun way to add more math into your day. You can purchase it here. I'd love to hear how you liked the game! Feel free to comment here or contact me directly. Happy gaming!


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