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Math Sprint

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Math Sprint is a game designed to improve mental math fluency. It has 2 sets of cards: addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. Each set also comes with challenge questions and coaching tips. One thing I love about this board game is that it inserts little exercise breaks (10 arm circles, 10 jumping jacks, 5 hops, etc.). This is great for kids who constantly need to be moving as well as kids who could use a little more physical activity in their days. It also has 3 lengths of play: 100m, 200m, and 400m. Math Sprint is a very flexible game that can be altered in many ways to suit the needs of the child(ren) playing.

In my Game School, we take turns instead of all playing at once. On each player's turn, I will draw the top card from the draw pile and pick which question (if more than one) that I will read. If the player can answer quickly, from memory, they get to move forward 2 spaces. If they gave the correct answer, but had to count or think about it for a while, they get to move forward 1 space. If they don't know the answer or got it wrong, their character stays where it is and we work through the problem together. Additionally, if the player got a yellow challenge card and answered correctly, they get to move forward 3 spaces.

You can use both decks if you have children playing who are at different levels. You can also make your own cards (blank cards with dry erase marker inlcuded). The dry erase marker is nice if you have visual learners as well, They can write it out on the board and work through it until they have improved in their mental math fluency. I also love that you could use this game with any deck of flash cards (telling time, fractions, decimals, etc.)

Interested in getting this incredibly versatile game? You can purchase Math Sprint on Amazon.

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