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Mathery Multiply

Mathery Multiply is a simple strategic game that encourages multiplication practice and mastery. It was created by the owner of Wellsian Company to help her child who was struggling with multiplication.

On your turn, roll all five dice. You can pick any two of them to multiply. Find the product on the game board and put one of your chips on it. The first player (or team) to get four in a row (diagonal counts) wins!

I love that the strategy and desire to win causes the players to practice a lot of multiplication to find the best number to play for that turn. The students in my game school really enjoyed Mathery Multiply!

The dice are all 12-sided, allowing for all the times tables from 1-12 to be practiced through play. Interested in trying Mathery Multiply with your kids? You can purchase it here. Have fun playing and learning together!

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