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Mental Blox

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Mental Blox can be played with 1-3 people. It develops sequencing, listening/following instructions, public speaking, the use of descriptive words, and memory skills. The box comes with 40 puzzle cards, (varying from easy to expert) and 2 identical sets of ten blocks.

Mental Blox is fun because it is visually pleasing, mentally stimulating, and hands-on. Here are some ways you can play:

1 Player: Draw a card from the deck, look at it for X seconds, and then turn it over. Now build the structure from memory. Once finished, check your work and complete the challenge on the bottom.

2 Players: Give one person the card and the other person a set of blocks. The player with the card must describe to the other player how to build the structure. For an added challenge, the player with the card can look at it for X seconds and then describe it to the builder from memory. Then read the challenge at the bottom and have the builder complete it.

3 Players: Same as 2 players, but with 2 builders. Each builder receives one set of blocks and then they race to complete the challenge after the structures are complete.

My game school classes have done very well with this one. I was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store and I am so glad I did! I would definitely recommend it, as it reinforces skills not often touched on in the games I have played thus far. You can find it on Amazon.

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