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Monster Factory

In Monster Factory, it is your job to create outrageously silly monsters! Each player starts with one tile that has 3-4 sides you can build off of. These tiles are all great ones to start with.

On your turn, you draw one tile and add it to the monster you are creating. You have to match green to green and purple to purple. If you draw a tile that you cannot add to your own monster, you may play it on another player's monster.

Once you have completed your monster, and there are no playable sides to build off of, you may start working on building a minion. The game ends when everyone has completed their main monster or when all the tiles have been played. You score one point per tile in your monster if it is complete. Additionally, gain one point per tile with eyes on it in your completed minions. Incomplete monsters and minions are worth zero points.

The 4-6 year olds in my gameschool class really enjoyed Monster Factory! It's great for matching and counting. You can grab a copy of Monster Factory on Amazon.

Below, you can see the monsters that my students created. :)

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