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Nibble Munch Crunch

Nibble Munch Crunch is one of the games in HABA's, "My Very First Games" collection for ages 2+. While I love First Orchard, another game in this series, I am not as big of a fan of Nibble Munch Crunch. In my personal opinion, this is more of an activity than game. So if you are looking for something that feels like a game to play with your toddler, keep looking. But if you are just looking for a fun and educational activity for your toddler, you may consider Nibble Munch Crunch.

In this "game", your child will be matching shapes by completing the little one piece chunky puzzles, learning about texture/upclose images of what something looks like, matching, and learning what some animals like to eat. For a two year old, this is a decent amount of educational material. In our house, we keep the games out of reach. They are reserved for special one on one time when the baby is asleep. This adds to the value immensly in my daughters eyes. She loves manipulating and playing with all the pieces.

Would you like to get Nibble Munch Crunch for your toddler? You can purchase it from the HABA website. Enjoy this special time with your child!

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