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Numberalla is an excellent math game for all school-aged children! It's so much more than just a game. It's like an entire system, and it's very well done. On the box, it says, "A little maths. A little luck. A lot of fun." I can attest that this motto is true for Numberella, and is what makes it such a great asset.

There are 3 different sets you can purchase:

  • Level 1: Grades 2-4

  • Level 2: Grades 4-7

  • Level 3: Grades 8+

Each box comes with 6 dice, a sand timer, jewels, ant coins, fortune cards, game cards, and D.I.Y. cards. The game cards are broken into six categories:

  1. Command - Roll or stack dice and do mental math.

  2. True or False - Read a mathematical statement and determine if it's true or false.

  3. Word Question - Answer a word problem.

  4. High Pressure - Answer 12 mental math questions as quickly as possible.

  5. Quick Draw - Answer a math question. (Sometimes requires you do do an action while answering).

  6. Numberella - Trivia questions and other fun activities (not always related to math).

On your turn, roll one dice and pick the top card from the corresponding category. Then, do what the card says. You have as many flips of the timer (optional) as the card indicates at the bottom. If you succeed, you are rewarded with the number of ant coins stated on the bottom. Additionally, you can roll for "magic" (bonus ant coins).

The first player to hit the "Antcoin Jackpot" is the winner. The Antcoin Jackpot is the amount of antcoins it takes to win the game and is determined based on how long you want the game to last. There are suggestions for setting the Antcoin Jackpot in the rulebook.

Fortune cards help keep the playing field more even and add an element of luck to the game. There are 5 types:

  1. Harry Hijak (Steal someone's question)

  2. Miss A. Go (Skip someone's turn)

  3. The Thief (Steal someone's coins)

  4. Ronnie Resist (Cancel someone's fortune card played against you)

  5. Jin Genie (Take coins from the bank)

Players each start with 3 fortune cards. Every 4th card in each stack of game cards is a fortune card you can win. Additionally, every time you trade in enough antcoins to receive a 100 antcoin, you gain one fortune card and every time you trade in 500 ant coins for a jewel, you gain 2 fortune cards.

As you can see, Numberella is an excellent math game to utilize in your child's education. It makes math fun and enables children to gain confidence, improve, and thrive in math. When played in my Game School, the child who claimed to be the worst at math had fun and even won the game! I was thrilled to see the confidence boost this gave her! You can purchase Numberella here: US | UK.

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