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Numbers League

Updated: Jan 8

In Number's League, players are working to assemble teams of heroes to protect Infinity City from an invasion of super villains. This game has two different levels of difficulty, with an additional expansion available to increase difficulty even more as your children become more proficient in math. There are also expansion decks available to add a larger variety of cards and increase the amount of people who can play at once.

Everybody gets seven cards. On your turn, you start by playing or trading two of your cards. Next, you attempt to capture one villian with your team of heroes. Lastly, you draw back up to seven cards to end your turn. Play continues around the table until all the villians have been captured.

To capture a villion, you use your team of heroes and their devices to match the the villain's weakness number. You also have the option of adding the sidekick's strength to that of your own hero's. The sidekick is next to the grid of villians and can be used by any player, so long as he has a head, torso, and legs. This is also where you trade cards, so he may be inactive due to having two heads and no legs or a device instead of a torso, etc.

A hero has strength equal to the sum of the numbers on its head, torso, and legs. This hero (named the Uncanny Yellow Maiden) has a strength of 8 (1+4+3). She also has a device equiped, which increases her strength by 5, should she choose to use it. By herself, she can capture the #8 villain, and with her device she could capture the #13 villain. Add the strength of the sidekick (strength = 6) to that and she could capture the #19 villain (or the #14 villain if you opt not to use the device). Add more hero's to your team and your options increase. You have to match the villain's number exactly in order to capture it. Every captured villain and every device used in capture goes into your Trophy Pile. At the end of the game, count up the points you have in your trophy pile. The player with the most points wins.

Number's League has two levels: Hero and Superhero. The Hero Level is what is shown above. It is addition with a couple of basic devices that require you to subtract 5 or 10. The Superhero Level introduces more powerful villians and new devices which give you the ability to add more subtraction as well as multiplication. It also introduces some negative numbers. Feel free to use a mix of both levels, adding in one new concept at a time.

In playing Number's League, children are learning more than just addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They are also learning how to group numbers together in various ways to reach their desired target numbers. Kids are learning and practicing way more math than they might realize as they try to capture the most villains, using as many devices as possible, to win the game. The theme of Number's League goes a long way in making math more fun and practical.

To purchase Number's League from Bent Castle Workshop, click here. Additionally, a free Print & Play version of the original game can be found here. I hope you enjoy this game as much as we do! Happy gaming!

(Below is a picture of all the Superhero Level Villains.)

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