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Photographic World

In Photographic World, you are traveling around the world taking photographs of animals to increase in fame. The player with the most fame points at the end of the game is crowned the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Will you gain that honorable title? This game is for 2-5 players ages 6+ and takes about 45 minutes to play.

Educational Benefits

Science - Learn where 41 different animals live and how to classify them (mammals, reptiles, etc).

Geography - Learn to identify the 7 major continents.

Math - Practice and improve simple mental math while adding up your score.

Let's Play!

First, set up the game as shown above. Detailed instructions can be found in the rulebook, or you can look up a How to Play video. Then, each person places their player pawn on any space on the board. Figure out which continent you are on, and take a card from that deck to place in the Market. Now you are ready to play!

On your turn, roll the dice and do what they say in whichever order you like. 1's let you move. Camera's enable you to take photos. Shopping carts let you interact with the Market. You can either buy a card (take a card from the Market) or sell a card (put one of your cards into the Market to roll both dice again). A question mark lets you pick if it will be a 1, a camera, or a shopping cart.

Here, the red player moved one space and then took a card from the Asia deck: an Asian Giant Hornet! It is worth 2 points (shown in the star) and it is an insect. I have played this game with all my game school classes and they all loved collecting the photographs! My class of 5 year olds didn't really understand the point of the game, but they still loved rolling the dice and getting animal cards.

In addition to collecting photographs, players are trying to make sets based upon the animal classes. The first player to collect photos of three different animals in a class wins the corresponding Best in Class certificate. Shown above, the red player got 3 insect photos and won the certificate for insects, worth 7 additional points! This player also has 3 amphibians, but two of them are of the same animal. The duplicate photo does not count toward the set of 3. So what are the duplicate photos good for?

If you have a duplicate photo and you roll a shopping cart, you can sell your extra copy to the market in order to roll both dice again. Another turn, sweet! Or you can hang on to it to try and prevent another player from winning the corresponding Best in Class certificate before you do.

Included in the game are bonus award cards. These are great for older players and more avid gamers. They add more ways to get points, which adds strategic complexity to the game. The person with the most photos in each continent will recieve additional points at the end of the game. If a player manages to photograph animals in all 7 continents, they also recieve bonus points for being a world traveler! To figure out who wins each of these, it is helpful to turn all your cards over and group them by continent:

Once all the bonus cards have been awarded (if you are playing with them), flip all your cards back over and add up your points. To get some great mental math practice, skip the calculator and add up the scores in your head, one card at a time. Or group your cards into sets of 5 or 10, or sets based on the point value, and add them up that way. Out of time, or don't care to get math practice in right now, feel free to pull that calculator out.

The red player made some sets of 5 to make scoring easier: 41 points! Great job, Red!

Where to Purchase

Interested in getting a copy of Photographic World? It will be on Kickstarter August 2nd through September 1st, 2021. This game has not yet been manufactured (above images are from a prototype copy). Supporting it on Kickstarter will make manufacturing possible, and you will be among the very first to receive Photographic World once it is completed.

Don't understand how Kickstarter works, but still want to secure your copy of Photographic World? Feel free to contact me. I would love to walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

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