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Piece of Pie

Piece of pie is a fun strategy game for 2-4 players. It works well with any number of players in that range. The goal of the game is to craft a pie that will earn you the most points.

There are three public goal cards with an additional private goal card given to each player. These cards tell you how you need to craft your pie to earn points.

The educational benefits of Piece of Pie include math and planning skills. You cannot just take any piece of pie from the middle, they come available in a certain way.

On your turn, you can take one available piece from one of the pies in the middle of the table. The first available piece in each pie is the one the arrow (on the disc in the middle) is pointing to. After that, the piece on either side of the blank space is available. After selecting an available piece, add it to your personal pie. You cannot rearrange your pie during the game, so plan wisely.

Here is the first player's completed pie. Her private goal was strawberry pie pieces. She has three, so she gains 3 points for that card. She has four pieces with cinammon for another 4 points as well as a set of adjacent frosted pieces for 3 points. Additionally, she has one set of decorative shapes (star, heart, flower) that gives her 5 points. Moving on the the recipe cards, the set of three strawberry pieces and the set of three peach pieces each give her 4 points and the two sets of strawberry/peach pieces pointing to each other each give her 3 points. The grand total, then, would be 29 points! This is a very high scoring pie.

Piece of Pie always makes me want to bake a delicious pie! My favorite kind is peach, with cinammon and icing. Mmmm. I don't currently have the skill to make a pie from scratch, but it's fun to think about! I might just attempt it one of these days. Cooking and baking is another wonderfully educational thing to do with your children.

Does Piece of Pie sound like a game your family would enjoy? Head on over to Amazon to purchase your copy today.

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