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Portals & Prophets

Updated: Jun 21

Portals & Prophets is an outstanding game that takes you back in time to witness the events of the Bible for yourselves. Be in the right place at the right time to see Esther become queen, Elijah being fed by ravens, Jonah preaching in Nineveh, Jesus rising from the dead, and more! Watch the Bible come alive with over 100 different event cards spanning from Genesis to the New Testament. Portals & Prophets is for 2-5 players ages 10+. It takes about 45 minutes to play.

Educational Value

Social Studies

  • Biblical History

  • Geography

Life Skills

  • Creating plans/strategies and executing them.

  • Learning flexibility and the ability to change your plan when circumstances change.

Let's Play!

Everyone starts with three Genesis cards and a Portal card. On your turn, you get to do four actions. The available actions are:

  • Move to an adjacent city

  • Draw a card

  • Claim a card

You can also discard any number of cards on your turn for free. This does not use up any of your actions. If the card(s) you discard have fuel icons on them, you can move the Fuel meter up as stimpulated in the rules. There is a hand limit of 7 cards. After every player has taken a turn, you move into the next century.

In order to claim a card, you must be in the right place, during the right century, as indicated on the card. So, to witness Daniel in the Lion's Den and gain 3 points, you need to be in Babylonia during the 6th century. Then read the card so everyone can learn about the event with you.

This card has both the Royalty (crown) and the Miracle symbols on it. There are 6 different symbols that can be on the cards (Miracle, Battle, Mountain, Royalty, God Speaks, and Ancient) and the person who has gained the most of each symbol at the end of the game gains 7 bonus points. Additionally, there are 5 regions (colors) on the board. For each set of 5 region cards (as shown in the picture below) that you collect, you gain 10 bonus points.

If you are not in the right century to play your cards, you can utilize the time machine. You can read more about this in the rulebook. The following bonus cards as well as Region bonus cards can also be found in the OT deck, so keep your eyes out for those!

Where to Purchase

The cards and components in Portals & Prophets are all top-notch. I am so impressed with this game! It seems difficult to come by a solid biblical game that is actually fun to play, so I am thrilled to have been able to add this one to my collection. It is wonderful for geography and biblical history. You can purchase a copy of Portals and Prophets on Amazon. You'll be glad you did!

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