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Preschool Games

Updated: Feb 3

These are my game suggestions for preschoolers. This list is based upon the games I have personally played and recommend. As such, it will be updated often. Every game on this list teaches and reinforces turn-taking and rule-following skills. Click the titles to see my review on each game.

Ages 2+

First Orchard (colors)

Roll & Play (colors, numbers, emotions, animal sounds, and body parts)

Nibble Munch Crunch (what do animals eat)

Ages 3+

Frida's Fruit Fiesta (fine-motor skills and letter recognition)

Create A Story Cards (story-telling, sequencing)

My First Castle Panic (shapes, colors, and working together with others)

Lion In My Way (problem-solving, story-telling, working with others)

The Ladybug Game (counting and science (ladybugs eat aphids))

Keekee the Rocking Monkey (STEM)

Engineering Ants (STEM)

Ages 4+

Robot Turtles (intro to coding)

Wildcraft (counting, science (identifying plants/herbs and their uses))

World GeoBingo (world geography)

Suspend (STEM)

Fruit Punch (recognizing groups of 5)

Ten Fish (making sets of ten)

Monster Factory (matching, counting)

Concept Kids: Animals (science)

The Reading Game (Sight Words)

More games coming soon!

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