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Project L

Project L is a high quality tetris-like game that is fun for gameschool, family game time, and game nights with friends. Players manipulate geometric shapes to complete puzzles, earning points and more shapes. Project L is great for resource management and planning. Scoring also gives opportunity for some simple mental math practice. It is designed for 1-5 players with expansions available that allow for a 6th player.

I love the boards in Project L because the pieces fit into the puzzle area, not just on top of it. There is also a grid of dots on each board to help you visualize how the pieces might fit and which pieces you still need.

On your turn, you get three actions. Your player mat tells you what all your choices are in spending those actions. You can take a puzzle, take a level 1 piece, exchange a piece, place a piece of your board, or complete a master action. Once you complete a puzzle, you get all your pieces from that puzzle back. You also gain the piece shown in the upper right-hand corner. Then put the completed board face down in a stack next to your player mat to be scored at the end of the game. If it is worth points, it will be indicated in the upper left-hand corner. The game end is triggered when the stack of black boards is empty.

Players can be planning what they will do on their next turn or can simply play with their available pieces in between turns, which helps pass the time between turns. Once everybody gets the hang of the game, the turns tend to go pretty fast. That being said, I would say children as young as 5 could play, depending on the child. They may need a bit of help at first. You can purchase Project L and its expansions here.

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