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Rat A Tat Cat

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Rat A Tat Cat is a cute little card game that the whole family will enjoy. The goal is to try and be the one with the smallest numbers on your 4 cards. Keep the cats, but get rid of the rats! Rat A Tat Cat reinforces number recognition, memory, and addition skills.

At the beginning of the game you can peek at the two outer cards. Remember what they are. On your turn you draw one card, from the draw pile or discard. You can choose to play it or discard it. If you play it, you blindly swap it with one of your facedown cards.

Gameplay continues until somebody believes their hand has the lowest sum. At that point they knock on the table and shout, "Rat A Tat Cat!" Then everyone else has one more turn. Once everyone is done, reveal your cards and count up your points. Lowest score wins. In the example below, player one (top row) triggered the end of the game and won! She had only 11 points, while her opponent got stuck with 22 points. Head on over to Amazon to pick up this great little card game today!

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