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Roll & Play

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Looking for a fantastic first game for your toddler? Check out Roll & Play! There is a giant stuffed die with a color on each side. Each color corresponds to a small stack of cards. The child rolls/throws the die and whatever color they get indicates which pile to draw a card from. Orange cards work on number recognition and counting, green is animal sounds, blue is color recognition, red has you do various actions, yellow teaches emotions, and purple works on body parts. All the cards can be stored in the pocket on the purple side of the die. The die is also washable, which is nice.

My 22-month-old daughter loves Roll & Play and asks to play it often! She doesn't remotely know her colors yet, so I always hope she doesn't roll blue. lol. But if she does, we just find the color together and I hold the object up to the card and talk about how they are both the same color. I bet she'll know her colors in no time. She has picked up on all the other categories splendidly. The game is over whenever she loses interest in playing.

I love that this die will be able to be used for other fun games we could make up as she grows older. Additional cards could be homemade or a fun life-size board could be constructed with whatever we have lying around. The possibilities are endless!

I would encourage anyone with a toddler to buy this game! It is both educational and fun. You can purchase it on Rainbow Resource Center or on Amazon.

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