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Sight Word Swat

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Sight Word Swat is a fun and exciting alternative to flash cards! There are 5 levels of sight words:

Blue - Pre-primer

Red - Primer

Green - First Grade

Orange - Second Grade

Purple - Third Grade

In Sight Word Swat, you spread out the flies that correspond to the levels of the children playing. The adult calls out a word on the table and the players race to swat it. Whoever swats it first, wins it.

Alternatively you can have the children take turns and call out a word for each child, enabling them the chance to find it without the pressure of racing against others. This is the way I play it in my Game School, as the children are at different levels. I don't want the beginner readers to get discouraged when the more advanced readers win all the flies. The goal is to encourage them and build their speed and confidence. As they progress, they can race against the clock. See how many words they can each get in 10-15 seconds.

It gives the children great pleasure to be able to whack their fly swatters down on the table when they find the word that was called! It a very satisfying experience! Once all the flies have been won, it's time to score. I have the kids read their words back to me, to further reinforce them. They must be able to read the word to get the point. Whoever has the most points wins. Think you're children would benefit from playing SIght Word Swat? You can find it on Amazon.

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