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Sunset Over Water

Updated: Jan 3

Sunset Over Water is a beautiful family strategy game. You are artists going on a hike to paint beautiful landscapes that you can sell for commissions. Each painting has one or more features such as mountains, flowers, waterfalls, etc. Your job is to paint landscapes with the features needed to gain the current commission cards to get points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Each person has a stack of Planning Cards. Draw the top 3 cards and pick one, putting the other two face down at the bottom of your stack. The cards indicate what time you will wake up, how far and in what directions you can hike, and how many landscapes you will have time to paint.

Once everyone has picked a planning card, the day begins. The person who woke up earliest (according to their planning card) goes first. Move your pawn as indicated on your planning card. As you move, you may pick up landscape cards. You can pick up the card you started on, any you moved through, or the one you ended on, so long as nobody else has a pawn on it.

After moving and painting your landscapes, you can sell them for commissions. There are only 5 commission cards available per day. The first person to satisfy the requirements wins the card. When you are done, the next person "wakes up" and takes their turn.

Once everyone has taken their turn, the daily goal is awarded. The daily goal is always worth two points and only goes to the last person to complete it. Next replenish all empty spots on the board and in the commissions row, and you reveal the new daily goal. Then you pick another planning card and start the next day. The game ends after six days.

Sunset Over Water is a wonderful game to play as a family and with friends. I love pulling this one out on game nights because it is so pretty! It teaches planning, strategy, and flexibility when things don't go as you thought they would. Additionally, there is a small amount of adding for scoring, categorization/identification of features in the paintings, and Sunset Over Water can inspire an art project. It makes me want to pull out my paints every time I play. You can purchase it here.

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