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Sword Crafters

Sword Crafters is a fun, family game for 1-5 players where each player is crafting their own 3-D sword. There is not a lot of educational value to this one, though I do have some ideas to add some, so keep reading. What is great about it is that younger children can play and have fun making a sword and older players can focus on the strategy needed to maximize their points and win the game, which makes it great for family game nights. Even if a game doesn't specifically have value for school, the social and emotional connections made when people sit down and play together are invaluable.

There will be 3 cards set out each game that tell you how to score points. In this game the person with the most blue gems gets 6 points, and second place gets 3 points. The second goal is most green gems and the third goal is most red gems. Additionally, the person with the longest sword (most tiles) at the end of the game gets 6 points. After that, score each side of each sword by finding the largest group of same-colored gems that are all touching. Each gem in that group is two points.

To add some educational value to Sword Crafters, you can omit the score board. This requires the children to write down their scores and add them up, instead of just moving their token along the score board. Additionally, you can have them study the types of gems found in this game and refer to them by name instead of by color. You can also follow up by researching and learning about how real swords are made.

The children in my game school all really enjoyed playing Sword Crafters! To purchase this game for your family, head on over to Adams Apple Games. Enjoy!

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