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Tell Tale

Tell Tale by Blue Orange Games is a fun story-telling game. These are extremely versatile double-sided cards that can be used in a myriad of ways. Many great ideas are included in the tin with the cards.

The way we use them in my Game School is I pass a certain number of cards out to each player and then choose a child to start. That child will pick one of the pictures in their hand and put it in the middle of the table, using it as an illustration to tell the beginning of our group story. Then the next child picks a picture from their hand, places it in the middle of the table next to the first and continues narrating our story. Play continues this way until all cards have been placed.

To add more to the game, you could have one of the players retell the whole group story, pointing to each picture as they go. Want to add writing practice? Have your child write down what happened in the story.

Every card is double-sided. In the above story, the tornado card could have been a boquet of flowers instead. Which one would you have used? Every choice effects the outcome of the story.

Does Tell Tale look like the Language Arts game you've been needing for your children? You can purchase it directly from Blue Orange Games. Additionally, you can opt for the Fairy Tales themed cards, the Toy Story cards, or the Disney Princess cards. Each set comes with 55-60 cards (110-120 images).

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