• Julie

Ten Fish

Ten Fish is a cute little card game for practicing simple addition up to ten. The goal is to make sets of 2 or more cards that add up to ten fish. The cards feature the numbers 0-10 and each card has a ten frame to visually show how many fish you have and how many more you need to get to ten.

On your turn, figure out what number you need to make a set of ten and then ask another player if they have that number. If they do, they give it to you and you lay your set of ten fish down onto the table in front of you. If they don't, they'll say, "Fish for it!" and you can pick a card from the pool in the middle of the table.

The person with the most cards laid down in front of them when someone goes out is the winner! I love when games are simple, fun, and educational! You can purchase a copy of Ten Fish here. Use code GAMESCHOOL to receive 10% off your entire order.

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