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The Million Dollar Doodle

Updated: Jan 3

The Million Dollar Doodle is a party game that is also great for Language Arts/English. In this game, players are dealt two cards each. They must combine the items on the two cards to create a product or company and design a logo for it.

Once each player has drawn a logo, they pass their boards to the person on their left. Now all players look at the logo on their new board, then turn the page and come up with a company name based on the logo. Boards are passed to the left again and each player looks at both the logo and the company name and then turns the board to the next page and writes a slogan for the product/company. Boards are passed again and a review of the product/company is written.

After writing a review, the boards are passed one final time. Everyone looks at all the pages on their boards and then comes up with a pitch for the company they've received. Their goal is to convince the investors (each other) to invest one million dollars in their company. One at a time, they deliver their pitch, including the information on each page of their boards. Once everyone has had a chance to do this, everyone votes for the company they think should receive the million dollars.

The Million Dollar Doodle is wonderful for encouraging creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. In this game, students work on their artistic skills, writing, and public speaking. They also learn about entrepreneurship. I highly recommend The Million Dollar Doodle for middle and high school aged students. You can purchase it from Flying Leap Games.

This is just another example of how valuable games can be in education! My game school students had so much fun with this one. It didn't feel like "school" at all. They were just cracking up at each other's contributions to each company's board. The Million Dollar Doodle is definitely one they would pick to play again.

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