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The Reading Game

The Reading Game is a fun alternative to flash cards when the goal is to teach sight words to your children. The system is set up very well to help children progress through 180 sight words.

The game simply plays like a game of memory. Turn over a card, read the word. Turn over another card, read that word. If they are a match, you get to keep them!

Kids learn 5 new sight words at a time and have a "review" after every 10 new words and a "test" after every 30 new words. The "review" is a card with a picture and some text that they will be able to read because all the words will have been covered. The "tests" are little story books that they should be able to read, because again, it only contains words they have already learned via playing the game.

The Reading Game helps children learn and retain new words better and the cards and books help build their confidence in reading.

The Reading Game is great for beginning or struggling readers. If you would like to get this game for use with your child(ren), you can purchase it here. I hope your child truly enjoys learning to read and that reading becomes a lifelong joy!

In addition to games, it is super important to read to your child often. And let them see you reading a book of your own from time to time.

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