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Updated: Jan 3

Cranium has packed a lot of quick, educational fun into a nice little game called Zigity. Stored in a small tin, this card game gives children (and adults) practice spelling, adding, completing puzzles, and recognizing various instruments. As an added bonus, it's a wonderful deck of cards to teach a child how to shuffle. This is because the cards are made of a flexible plastic material that won't accidentally get bent and creased.

The game plays similarly to Uno. Players start with a hand of 7 cards and their goal is to be the first person to get rid of all of them. What you do on your turn depends upon what the top card on the discard pile is. Word Worm requires you to spell a word using the letters on the top left corner of the cards. The longer the word, the more cards you can discard.

Spell "TEASE" using the E from the discard pile and 4 additional cards from your hand and then throw them all on the discard pile, picking which one you want on top to challenge the next player.

If you put the blue card on top, the next person is challenged by Creative Cat and must complete the puzzle in the lower left corner of the card. If they can't, they draw a card and lose their turn.

Data Head's challenge is a mathmatical one. Play the right cards to make the numbers in the top right corner add up to 11. Star Performer lets you play all the cards you have that match the instrument located in the bottom right corner. This is my go to game for quick breaks and for travel. It is one that the kids love to play.

Zigity does appear to be out of print, so keep an eye out for second hand copies. Additionally, you can find it on Amazon, but the price may be higher due to no longer being in print.

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